Cut-Throat Euchre

A variation on the classic card game Euchre. You should be familiar with the rules of Euchre before playing this game.


3 players


One euchre deck


The object is to be the first person to score a predetermined number of points, typically 15.


A regular euchre deal is performed. The fourth hand is called the "dead" hand, and is always dealt in the same position on the table.

Game play

The turned up card will be trump, and will be picked up by the dealer. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player has an opportunity to swap their cards with the dead hand. They do not have an opportunity to look at the dead hand beforehand. Once they've swapped their hand with the dead hand, they may not swap back. However, if the first player swaps his hand for the dead hand, his old hand now becomes the new dead hand. The second player may still trade his hand for the new dead hand.

Once the dealer has decided to keep or swap his hand for the dead hand, he will take the flipped up card and discard one card. The first player to the left of the dealer leads.


Each player gets one point for each trick they capture. If they don't capture any tricks, they are given -3 points. If one player captures all five tricks, he gets his five tricks, and the other two players are given -5 points instead of -3 points.